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Basic Business Plan Template Operations comes from the question I ask most who are starting an Event Planning Business. How are you going to operate your business? Where? In your home? An office of some kind? There are a myriad of scenarios that you could do, but please be very careful if operating from home. It is imperative that you carve out a space that is solely for your business and nothing else. This may be hard to do, but make it so. If your family knows that the area is your "Work Space" and when they see you in it, they will come to know when you are "Doing Business." You have got to set the groundwork for that mindset to happen.

The Marketing aspect is usually a monetary one at first glance. People always equate how much money they have to what and how they can market. That is a terrible approach and one that should be avoided. You have to be creative at the outset and there are fantastic ways to let the people know that you are doing what you do. Now, notice that the Marketing is third on the list as you can not Market until you have a pretty clear picture of who you are and how you will operate.

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