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Business Plan Title Page All the safety equipment in the world cannot make a shop accident-free. Safety is foremost a matter of attitude - a confidence in using the machines combined with a healthy respect for the power these tools wield. Even the best efforts at prevention, accidents still occur. Bits may break, boards split, shavings fly and all too often find a victim. Being prepared and taking prompt action can help minimize further damage. Take a first-aid course, keep a well-stocked first-aid kit on hand in the shop and be ready to administer medical aid when necessary.

I was reviewing a business plan yesterday for a client who had spent hours working on it. He had a deadline he had set for completion and was very frustrated as it seemed that there was so much still to do. He had taken a sample plan that he found on line, for a similar company and made modifications thinking that this could be the perfect plan to go forward with.

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