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business plans free templates, Include details about all the following that are applicable for your business in the marketing portion of your plan: location along with distribution, and promotional methods, such as packaging, public relations, marketing, and customer service. As a result of discovering these areas, you will normally need to consider how much you are going to budget for your marketing initiatives. This question is carefully connected to your sales prediction, which leads us into the following section of the business plan.

I propose that you construct easy to read dining tables and graphs for the monetary portion of the plan. The worksheets suggested are: Salaries/Wages in addition to Benefits, Outside Services, Insurance coverage, Advertising Budget, Occupancy Expense, Product sales Forecasts, Cost of Projected Item Units, Fixed Assets, Development (or Start-Up) Expenses, as well as Miscellaneous Expenses. You may find a few of the worksheet templates at PlanWare. org to be useful.

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