Cookie Business Plan


Cookie Business Plan Generally, $500 is not enough for a plan because of the many hours that go into creating one, and $5000 is way too much for clients to pay. That being said, a good, well-written and professional document of about 30 pages in length should be more in the range of $900 to $1500. This pricing structure is very reasonable considering that most of the work can take more than 50 hours to complete. In terms of an hourly rate, most professionals charge between $25 to $35 per hour.

The author runs InkSeal Business Plan Services, a company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, that writes and edits business plans, provides technical Cookie Business Plan writing services and Internet marketing (SEO, etc.). InkSeal has a team of half a dozen other writers and editors to serve clients all over Canada, the USA and beyond.

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Have you looked at a lot of different ways to grow your business and nothing seems to work?

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