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business financial planning, Some entrepreneurs include a request funding at the end, and some develop a separate document (mostly using their attorneys) called "Private Positioning Memorandum" (PPM). The advantage of excluding a funding request in the industry plan, is that you can remain flexible in terms of who you are spreading this business plan with and much money you end up requesting. It's easier to change the quick PPM rather than going back in to the business plan every time you talk to an alternative investor.

The main thought driving the structure I recommended above is that every segment sets the stage as well as builds up to the section immediately after. Again, there are many different formats, and you may really change this file format up to whatever suits the storyplot you are telling. You might for instance have a big name on your group that has significant weight within your industry, so moving often the "management" section up (maybe even to the top) could make sense in some cases. It's about getting the reader excited, along with the prospect of working with a celeb might just get that career done for you.

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